Scribblenauts remix silly cheats get unlimited resources and unlock all for free online directly from android or ios device

Scribblenauts Remix cheats and walkthrough for all levels

Got stuck in the middle of the game? Need not worry anymore, all the cheats and walk though is now available. The game is an action puzzle solving game where at higher level it becomes really difficult to get clues to solve the puzzle. Check out the walkthrough, cheats, hints and tips for every level. The cheats for remix levels are also available. See how to play the game and win and beat and complete all the levels. There are total 12 levels and each level has 10 sub-levels.

Also join the Scribblenauts remix cheat forum where you can discuss and share your ideas as to how you have completed the level and also get tips from others.

Here are the Scribblenauts remix cheats

To destroy everything – type “Nuke” or “meteor” and drop the object.

Solve Maxwell’s Notebook

Type “maxwells notebook” – it will give you an item spawing notebook for another character. This creates random objects by which they get killed by themselves.


Scribblenauts remix cheats to create silly items in the game

  • LOITUMA GIRL – a girl
  • RICK ROLL – a guy
  • POST TWO ONE SEVEN – nuke to destroy everything
  • NINJA CAT – youtube cat
  • GAF – round riding ball
  • FERTILE WOMEN – make the woman pregnant when they touch you
  • UR MOM – a zombie
  • TIT – chicken
  • KILLER – a killer
  • OM NOM NOM NOM – a robot mouth
  • DO NOT WANT – dog and food
  • PIANO CAT – cat playing a piano
  • HYDRA – 3 headed dragon
  • CHIMERA – lion, snake, hawk
  • ZOMBIE – becomes undead
  • ALIEN – becomes a Martian
  • DECAPITATED – your head disappears
  • VAMPIRIC – you become a vampire
  • POPO – police officer
  • GROWTH RAY – makes bigger

Useful Scribblenauts remix Cheats

  • INVISIBILITY CLOAK – invisible
  • POCKET KNIFE – weapon
  • LUNAR LANDER – creates compact gravity
  • LUNAR ROVER – create gravity
  • BLACK HOLE – wipes out everything
  • SHRINK RAY – shrink enemy smaller
  • FREEZE RAY – freeze enemy into ice
  • CHI – Chinese dragon
  • REINDEER – reindeer to fly
  • PEGASUS – flying object
  • TIME MACHINE – takes u back by 5 eras
  • SCRIBBLENAUTICAL – Maxwell’s hat
  • HYPNOTIZING – hypnotizes enemy
  • DEADLY – weapon
  • SUPERSONIC – speed boost
  • WINGS – for flying

Unlock the Forbidden Fruit Achievement

Type “Maxwell” and tap him and click remove and take his notebook

It’s Alive! Achievement

Take any object such as table or lamp using Scribblenauts remix silly cheats, and describe it with emotion such as happy or sad or use a character trait such as smart or dumb.


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